The Yes Centre Scholarship was launched in 2009. Every year, Yes Centre awards the scholarship to ten students who have showed outstanding academic performance in High School. This scholarship aims to encourage students’ excellent academic performance and to thank them for using our service and supporting us.

Campus Tour

Have you ever imagined what your university life might be like? Sitting in huge lecture rooms with hundreds of other students instead of a small 20 person classroom? Meeting professors instead of teachers? Participating in different joint-university events instead of just sports teams and extra-curricular activities? How exciting! Our Yes Angels launch campus tours regularly for students so they can have a brief idea of what university life is like before they begin their study.


There are many sponsors cooperating with Yes Centre. We are honoured to be sponsored to increase the awareness of our sponsors and Yes Centre.


Yes Centre is very active in the Australian newspapers and regularly advertises to let more students know of our wonderful events and services.