Patrick 陈老师

Welcome to our “Yes!” family. Our professional education planners can solve your problems.

As a professional and experienced team, Yes Centre has been successfully brightening up numerous students’ lives by applying for courses and visas in Australia. Our team provides many services for free including education and migration consultancy. Our professional team would like to provide students with a well-rounded one-stop service.


Are you confused about your academic pathways? It will be all good because I am right here whenever you need help! Trust me! You will be fine.

Being the best listener for my students, I believe that seeing things in the right way and having empathy are the fundamental elements for giving them customised advice. Apart from eliminating students’ concerns, analysing students’ particular needs and providing them with the most professional consultations, I also provide other services including launching exciting campus trips regularly, and arranging warm homestay families for students who are new to studying in Australia.


If you are looking for information about Master courses and internship opportunities, let me know. I am capable of providing you with professional advice that will help you to achieve amazing success in your higher education, career and personal development.

As a previous international student, I have experience in what you are going through right now – entering universities, graduating, finding jobs, getting lost, and working hard to achieve success. I truly understand your needs and can match a course and customise a job-seeking plan that suits your interests and gives you the best opportunity to succeed.


Providing professional advice to students is my first priority to help students get into their ideal universities. Don’t hesitate! Contact me for planning your future!

I have been working in the education planner field for over 5 years. As time goes by, I have realised that I am not only an education planner for my students, but l am like their sister. I comprehend all features of every university in Australia as I need to provide my students with tailored advice. Through in-depth analysis, I understand my students’ interests and personalities.  This gives me confidence to help them choose the course that suits them the most. What are you waiting for? Visit Yes Centre and tell me what you want!


My name is Emily. I enjoy helping people. By keeping your case in mind, I endeavour to process your case within 24 hours so as to ensure nothing is delayed.

I believe that my passionate and sincere attitude makes me a professional education consultant. The advanced tracking systems in our company enables me to follow-up and track every single student’s application progress. From getting the released transcripts to letter of offers, there is nothing you need to worry about as I can sort them all out for you.