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Primary Schools

​Australia’s Primary and Secondary Schools offer world class education and excellence in teaching while providing a safe, encouraging environment and a sure starting point for success. By starting education at this level in Australia, students often have a much better command of the English language which is extremely useful in preparing them for further education and a career in the future.

Public Primary School

Year 1-6 AUD $15000/Year

Private Primary Shool

Year 1-6 AUD $32000/Year

Secondary Schools

Lower Secondary School: Years 8 -10

Students focus on the same eight learning areas as Primary students, but with greater diversity in electives and subject choice.

Upper Secondary School: Years 11-12

Your child can elect to study subjects which will prepare them for future study or their chosen career. Specific subject areas are taught by teachers with specialist qualifications.

Public School

Australia government schools have 90% of local students and only not more than 10 % international students. It is a good way to build up a language within this environment. It provides basic teaching facilities and a standard quality of teaching.


Western Australia’s Year 12 qualification is known as the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE). The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), previously known as TEE or TER, is the primary criterion for entry into most undergraduate-entry university programs in Australia. Your child can opt to sit for the ATAR examination. Your child's ATAR score is based upon school assessment and your ATAR examination results. Your child's ATAR score can be used to establish their eligibility for universities and colleges both in Australia and overseas. 

Majority of high school students is under 18 and supervised by the guardian, airport pick-up and accommodation are arranged directly by the school.


Year 7-10 AUD $17000/Year

Year 11-12 AUD $19000/Year

Private School

Australian private secondary schools have a long history of building schools and have a good reputation in the local area. The students are basically from the income class of lawyers, doctors, social officials and celebrities, so the quality and source of the students are extremely secure. Parents of students can receive regular reports on student learning and living. The school has closer links with local universities and the outside world.


Year 7-9 AUD $42000/Year

Year 10-12 AUD $43000/Year

Australian subject choice

Literature and Art: Graphic Design, Visual Design, Dance, Drama, Band, Media, Musical Instruments, Photography

English: English literature, grammar

Science: Earth Science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry

Social Sciences: Australian Studies, Earth and Asia Pacific Studies, Business Studies, Economics, Sociology, Education, Religious Studies, Asian Studies, Geography, History, Human Development, Law, Psychology

Math class: algebra, geometry, calculus

Health Education: Games, Sports Science, Outdoor Sports Education

Other languages: French, Japanese, German, Latin, please

Information technology: media, computer operations, computer programs, information technology

Vocational education: hydraulics, industrial design, metal technology, family economy, hotel management, fashion design

Free Consultation


Govement School


Methodist Ladies’ College (MLC)


Scotch College


Aranmore Catholic College


Canning College

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